The real Michael Part 3

Mike: "Why you wanna trip on me?!"
People: "Because it's fun, to see people cry."
Mike: "But there's a bigger problem. You got world hunger, not enough to eat. You got grown people, who can't write or read. We've got so much corruption, police brutality, we've got streetwalkers, walking into darkn-"
People: "That isn't our problem. It's their own fault, that they can't read. They should go to school."
Mike: "They want to go to school, but-"
People: "Yeah, ok, whatever."
Mike: "Please listen! We have to do something. There are so many people, who are homeless, because they've got no work. There are so many people dying. Open your heart, than you'll see-"
People: "Haha, 'open your heart'. Are you gay?! Michael Jackson is gay! Hahahaha!!!"
Mike: "I'm not gay-"
People: *sarcasm* "Sure, you're not gay."
Mike: "I'm really not."
People: *sarcasm* "Of course, you're not."
Moonwalker: "Stop trippin' ! Listen to what he says. He's right! We've got so many problems, we've to work on them!"
People: "Why should we stop. We wonder, how long it takes till he's broken."

25th June, 2009
Moonwalker: *crying* "He's dead! Congratulations, you did it! Are you happy now?!"
People: "Could you stop talking about Michael Jackson? We've got bigger problems. We must do something."
Mike: *big sigh* "I told you so years ago. But you hadn't heard it, because you were too busy with tripping on me... "

17.9.14 19:14

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